Samsung Showcase – The Pioneer’s Playground


Architecture, Best Store Concept






Frankfurt am Main, Zeil



Concept Summary

Located on the Zeil in Frankfurt, a new kind of brand store opened to the German public. It’s a unified expression of the brand identity of Samsung and its technological achievements. Samsung Showcase - a 1400 square meter multi-experience venue that defies the boundaries of traditional retail and brand space. Samsung Showcase has been created with modern consumers in mind, allowing them to connect, discover and playfully interact with the brand, all based on the idea of a “Pioneer’s Playground”. Across four floors three main experience zones feature 24 interactive exhibits and programs, creating a fluid customer journey which invites visitors to truly see, feel and explore the world of Samsung. CONNECT is a large open space designed to provide multiple opportunities and levels of engagement with Samsung technology. Here, visitors can check out key products, share their thoughts and explore innovative tech first hand. Drawing on the concept of a “Living Archive”, the UNBOX area invites visitors to discover the heritage and the future of Samsung alike by experiencing the brand’s rich history and innovations in an emotional way. PLAY is designed around the idea of a technicolor “Wonderland”. Visitors cannot only physically experience cutting edge entertainment and VR solutions [from sports to personal discovery], the surrounding areas also provide shareable moments, trigger interaction and encourage new ways of learning. As part of an integrated strategy, the Samsung Showcase is now becoming a globally connected retail experience, introduced throughout similar store concepts around the world.

Cheil Germany GmbH
Georg Erb
65824 Schwalbach am Taunus, Am Kronberger Hang 8, Deutschland
Kunde / Aussteller
Samsung Electronics GmbH
Architekt / Designer
Cheil MDLab
Architekt / Planung & Ausführung
hartmannvonsiebenthal the brand experience company GmbH