Volkswagen ID.7 Preload@CES2023


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SCHACHZUG was tasked with the launch communication for the Volkswagen’s all-electric ID.7, which makes premium technology accessible. An integrated communication plan was created, starting with a preload phase to generate global attention even before the world premiere in April 2023. In order to position Volkswagen as a technology leader a one-of-a-kind prototype was created with a camouflage combining the brand’s vibrant gradients with a QR code pattern bridging physical and digital world. The innovative highlight was an electro-luminescent car paint, enabling the ID.7 to glow. After a media and influencer event at the LA Auto Show, the camouflaged prototype had its first public appearance at CES in Las Vegas In a vibrant festival set-up. A booth was conceived that completely focused on this one special exhibit. In a reduced but eye-catching 10-meter cube, the animated car paint, kinetics and a light show added up to an immersive show that formed the "must share" of CES 2023. This all-experiential approach amazed: The coverage resulted in over 6,500 articles and posts. CEO Thomas Schäfer made it into the Top5 Share of Voice of CES. The booth managed to rank #1 in the highly coveted 36 hours after CES opening. With a gross reach of 444 million and a social media share of over 40 percent, the activation exceeded all expectations and set a new benchmark. After the CES sustainability was put into action: The fabric covering the booth (approx. 500 m2), was upcycled and transformed into individual backpacks distributed among the team – a practical example for Circular Economy.

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