Volkswagen Group Technology Leadership Summit 2022 “be more”


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Volkswagen Group Technology Leadership Summit 2022 'be more' 400 leaders came together with one aim: To synchronize themselves in order to discover unused potential. To make sure they have the necessary skills to master the tasks of the future. To inspire each other to break new ground. For this purpose, we developed a Learning Festival, a cascaded learning journey. In 1.5 days and in more than 48 sessions with 65 experts, impulse generators and game changers, the target group became courageous pioneers. Based on the program guide, the participants had the permanent choice to design their own personally tailored roadmap. With a specially developed app, they navigated themselves through their own program - always in new constellations and settings, new forms of reappraisal. Always confronted and challenged by surprising personalities or tasks. Professional content alternated with cultural topics, critical reflections with inspiring analogies from sport and bio-hacking, sessions of analysis with creative interactions. The multipolar playing field of the future was illuminated and explored from a wide variety of perspectives. The venues for this Learning Journey were Volkswagen’s Hall 6 and the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, which combined diversity and different sessions with various team experiences as a perfect ‘be more’ campus. The varied and demanding program offered numerous highlights, challenged the managers in different ways and demanded enormous flexibility and agility. Exactly the skills they need for future tasks. The Learning Festival transformed the classic convention format into 400 individual learning paths without losing the cohesion as Group Technology!

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