Magical Mood & Plant-Based Food: The Future of Open-Air Cinema Experience


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Concept Summary

The Swiss National Museum sought a unique open-air cinema for its courtyard. twofold's concept for the event company “flick & flavour GmbH” merged cinema with vegan gastronomy into a 360° experience: Hofkino. This sensory experience was a bold blend of cinema and culinary arts. We designed a multidimensional brand with over 100 colors, ran a 360° campaign across Swiss cities, and utilized sustainable Swiss wood architecture, making Hofkino's core values palpable. Objectives: Craft a standout brand for cinephiles and gourmets, visually and experientially. Bringing this brand to life through an architectural concept syncing with the courtyard, supported by a sweeping campaign highlighting Hofkino’s sustainable spirit. Strategy: From core values, we developed a colorful brand and striking illustrations. To ensure a seamless journey, we evaluated every touchpoint. We created a custom architecture using Swiss wood. Our promotional blitz covered billboards, socials, TV, and experiential avenues, leveraging local business collaborations. Event posters captured its soul, with significant input from our academy, training those with autism. Results: Hofkino emerged as a day-to-night sensation. By day, it’s a vegan haven. By night, an enchanting cinematic escape. Our campaign, boosted by collaborations, captivated the city. A compelling visual pulled audiences. twofold's design versatility catered to varied formats, executed mainly by our academy. Visitor numbers leaped from 28,000 to 35,000 in a year. Our commitment? Excellence in design, sustainability, and fostering neurodiversity. twofold envisions a future where businesses champion inclusivity and environmental responsibility.

flick & flavour GmbH
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