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At CES tech event in 2023, Volkswagen Group's software powerhouse CARIAD, made its debut on American soil by launching its new tech hub in the US, solidifying its global presence. The special challenge: introducing CARIAD to the US market, where the brand was previously hardly known – thus establishing its image as THE software powerhouse and ultimately positioning the company amongst global tech visionaries. Inspired by the 3-tier architecture principle known from software development, we created a modular three-story container design, effectively embodying CARIAD’s tech stack encompassing hardware, software, and applications, rendering it tangible and accessible. This monumental container structure, comprising six 40-foot containers, lent a tangible and immersive quality to the brand. With an 8.5-meter high LED wall and backlit glyphs and letters, it bridged the physical and digital realms, symbolizing the synergy between power and technology at CARIAD. Guests could interact with the colossal LED wall through tracking technology, becoming integral parts of the on-site media spectacle. A seamless narrative thread wove through CARIAD's communication channels, before, during, and after CES. The stand was used for a medial backdrop for content creation, e. g. with talks recorded on the spot and distributed through their digital newsroom – ensuring accessibility for a global audience. Shortly after CES, CARIAD's impact reverberated through Exhibitor Group Magazine, which unveiled the Best of CES 2023 Award winners. The booth reached the 9th spot among 3,200 competitors, proving the success of their inaugural US appearance.

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