Best Motivation / Best Employee Event – A Multi-Dimensional Approach


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Concept Summary

Best Motivation Best Employee Event Proske orchestrated DSM and Firmenich's internal merger celebrations for 30,000 global employees with a focus on inclusivity, new value communication, business unit familiarization, connections strengthening, and brand unveiling. To reach every employee world-wide, we used a hybrid approach involving local celebrations, a 9-hour live TV broadcast, and a central digital platform. We pro-actively engaged employees in planning their 'Day 1' with us, while protecting confidential brand information. The transformation of 260 offices overnight was a complex logistical endeavor, devised in collaboration with site managers. Branded material was created with long-term sustainability in mind, doubling as event decoration and new office branding, as well as the digital platform, serving as central hub for merger celebrations and future brand and communication center. A 9-hour TV show-style broadcast, featuring live segments, live-edited and pre-recorded content connected employees globally, while introducing the new brand, values, and business strategy. With outstanding planning and execution, we achieved a strong bond between all employees world-wide. KEY FACTS FOR SUCCESS: Emotional engagement // Transformation of "old" office as launch of celebrations Engagement and interaction // Local events, gamification, photo booths Creative branding // Dramaturgic design concept Maximum impact // Global live content from flying reporters Immersive global festivities // 30,000 people celebrated together. Teambuilding // Strengthening collaboration in the community Exceptional management // Global site coordination

Proske GmbH, Elena Albrecht
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