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8.000 employees in 9 cities experienced the BERNER brand relaunch as thrilling rock shows: confident, loud, strong, and rebellious, the core values of the new BERNER “Smart Rebels” on Europe’s chemistry product market . Bringing BERNER’s new values across to the company as a whole, called for a campaign that informs and inspires all employees to identify with its new rebellious attitude. Instead of a conventional announcement, insglück realized the BERNER Brand Launch as a rock concert series and sent CEO Christian Berner on a European tour to convey the contemporary and fresh “Smart Rebels” approach. The shows took place in typical industrial locations. Moving light graphics and LED walls referenced the stage design of rock performances. Berner opened each show with an emotional and informative solo, highlighting the company changes, assets, and plans and launching the new BERNER movie. After the emotional opening, a local band – an e-guitar player and a DJ – got on stage, blurring the lines between business presentation and rock concert. In line with the overall concept, workshops were replaced by dancing at the after-show-party – and making lasting memories for the entire company.

insglück Gesellschaft für Markeninszenierung mbH
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