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Concept Summary

Task Develop a concept for a live Christmas event that can be held under pandemic conditions, compensates the employees of a logistics company for the emotionally challenging times they’ve been through and is perceived as a strong expression of gratitude for their hard work under the difficult conditions of the pandemic. Idea An overdose of Christmas. As a drive-in. A short, condensed live event that you could watch and experience from inside your car. Contactless. Coronavirus-compliant, yet interactive. Smack-dab in the action, quirky, and brazenly excessive. As if people wanted to make up for everything they had had to do without for so long. Sensory overkill as a mix of theater, Christmas party, and Christmas market all at once. Excessive, ironic at heart, and with a touch of tongue-in-cheek. Implementation The location was a 20m long and 15m wide black tent on the company’s car park, which was divided into three staging areas. With different design scenarios, live entertainment, and activation tools. Saving the best for last: a personal thank you from the boss including gifts given out at the exit. Participants registered online and were digitally assigned drive-through slots. A sophisticated drive-through concept was timed down to the last second to ensure that all the vehicles would exit the drive-in after exactly three minutes of drive-through time. This allowed about 180 employees and their children to enjoy this whimsical pleasure within 3 hours. A genuine marathon for everyone that even our happy but exhausted gospel choir survived after 3 hours without a break. Everyone agreed that they would never forget this Christmas.

Lexzau, Scharbau GmbH & Co. KG
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