Loved or a burden?! Monuments under scrutiny


Best Thematic Exhibition, Event


Nominee, Winner



Concept Summary

The new travelling exhibition of the Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz “Loved or a burden?!” guides visitors through Germany's unique landscape of monuments. The aim of the exhibition is to get the public enthusiastic about the controversial topic of monument protection. And to convey the historical, social and cultural significance of monuments. It is an experiential and playful exhibition. A large number of multimedia and interactive exhibits invite visitors to participate, try out and marvel. Both the didactic and the scenographic concept are designed to address a broad target group – younger as well as older, professionals as well as lay people. The guiding element of the exhibition architecture is the scaffolding. It mirrors the title of the exhibition: Loved or a burden?! Monuments under scrunity. It turns controversy into cubature. Thus, the six exhibition islands quote different types of buildings and become a sensual, expansive architectural experience. The exhibition is barrier-free, bilingual and comprises about 200 square metres. It will be on tour for several years and can be seen throughout Germany.

Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz
facts and fiction GmbH
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