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Briefing-Centers are meant to bring visitors emotionally up to scale with brand and product, before you enter the important meetings. The usual credo reads "First brand experience, then meeting". For DATEV, we changed this, to "Experience first, during the entire meeting". We have designed floorplan, furniture, lighting, sound, scent and of course collaborative and interactive technology around what’s core in any meeting: Psychology. The customer journey therefore follows Bruce Tuckman’s universal law of group dynamics, with participants experiencing the first two crucial stages even before reaching the meeting table. And when they have, it’s still not where the business happens. This room serves more like a facilitating-area, allowing the group to norm as a team. The crucial deep-dives and collaboration-sessions are then being performed across the area with laptops and mobile phones left behind at the table. Individual breakouts take place amidst the center, with the participants always remaining in contact with the proceedings around. Most importantly however, all of this is disguised in an overall soothing and sovereign design, offering the host various opportunities to inaugurate topic-changes or focus, while comforting everyone throughout the entire experience. With real-life meetings becoming more rare in our digital age, the DATEV Experience Center truly sets the stage for making these important encounters impactful and successful.

CE+Co GmbH
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