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Concept Summary

Jury statement:
The jury was impressed by the extremely intelligent, largely digitally driven, interactive conveyance of the innovative features of the brand.

Task: The Galaxy S10 does not only represent the 10th generation of the Samsung Galaxy range but also embodies 10 years of technological innovations. To celebrate this important anniversary, the retail launch of Samsung’s flagship smartphone had to be as innovative and premium as the product itself. Idea: Leveraging simple shop windows into playful and unique multimedia installations that broke the “fourth wall”, we allowed the audience to experience Samsung's innovations and the Galaxy S10 in an engaging new way, creating interactions between customer and brand and turning abstract features into easy to understand benefits. Execution: For the first time, the entirety of shop windows of Germany’s largest luxury department store, the KaDeWe in Berlin, was exclusively given to one brand. From optical illusions to mechanical machinations to kinetic projections and interactive experiences each of the 4x4m sized windows featured a different innovation or technical element from the Galaxy S10 or its predecessors. Many of the installations even allowed for direct interaction by using sensors and technology originating in Galaxy smartphones. Each of the 10 installations was a bespoke built including the electronic components, developed, prototyped and tested in England and then assembled on-site over the course of 3 days. Some major challenges that had to be overcome were keeping the “rain window” clear despite huge differences in temperature; enabling stable electric connections between the outside and inside of highly secured shop windows, or ensuring the exact recognition of movements for real-time motion capturing despite crowded backgrounds.

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