Hyundai – Design your own world


Architecture, Best Stand L (über 500 m²)





Concept Summary

Jury statement:
What will we do in our cars when we no longer have to drive?
This question intrigued everyone at CES, and Hyundai’s answer likewise intrigued the BrandEx jury.
The new possibilities of the world inside the vehicle and the communication inside and with the external world were made tangible for visitors. But even those who didn’t get a seat felt as if they were right in the middle of things in the 360° projection. Maia was a further link in the staging, a first glimpse of the communication of the future. The holistic staging of space, interaction and emotions reinforced our decision to award the Gold to Hyundai.

Mobility of the future: Hyundai presents its vision of autonomous driving at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The 575 sqm exhibition stand is isolated from the hustle and bustle of the fair. From the outside, visitors can only guess what is going on inside: Small, digital teaser windows make them curious and encourage them to enter. Here, six spherical glass cocoons attract attention and characterise the spatial image. They take visitors on a journey of future driving: Four sample modes allow the passengers to use their driving time alternatively. The cocoons adapt their equipment to the wishes of the passengers; accompanied by the A.I. Maia, passengers do sports, educate themselves, work or shop by drone while driving. Travel time becomes valuable leisure time. In the sports mode visitors take part in a rowing race. Extendable handles serve as rudders; projections on the windscreen show the progress of the race. In the shopping mode, passengers compete against each other; on their way to a party, they have to put together an outfit. With a virtual drone, they fly over the city of the future and collect clothes from underway. In the work experience, visitors find themselves in the role of an architect and design their own building. The discovery mode offers one of the visual highlights: the visitors get to know the vastness of our galaxy through a cinematic presentation. They then test their newly acquired knowledge in a quiz. The visitors are actively involved. ‘Hyundai – Design your own world’ offers visitors an immersive experience, instead of just exhibiting cars.

Ausstellungsgestaltung: ATELIER BRÜCKNER
Fotografien: Michael Jungblut
Hyundai Motor Company
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