got2b @GLOW – Festival Hub


Architecture, Best Stand S (bis 100 m²)



Concept Summary

The co-creation line of the brand got2b and Dagi Bee (Influencer with 5.7 million followers) launched at the GLOW by dm, Europe’s largest beauty convention with around 20.000 visitors. The task was to convince the young onsite and online target audience of got2b’s lifestyle as well as the uniqueness of the new product line. The goal was to activate the crowd and create an immense awareness with the relatively small setting. Therefore, we composed a got2b festival hub that created connection through the foundation of a magic atmosphere and a moving community. A brand space, which gloried the trendy design of the Coachella Music and Arts Festival as well as sparkled in the product design scheme. While entering the got2b festival hub, through the butterfly and flower gates, the visitors felt the grass under their feet and the bass of the DJ Sounds under their skin. The glittery sea container, with the DJane as the pre-act, towered above the crowd, just like a stage on a festival. The visitors were invited to an interaction with the brand in the trend-styling area. To allow the participants to create content and be a brand ambassador, we integrated a social media connected photo booth in front of moving festival pictures. As the main act, Dagi Bee was not only promoting the festival hub on social media but was onsite for a meet and greet. Finally, to bond with the brand, the participants were invited to the festival hub lounge. With the storytelling design and the multiple brand activations, got2b and its new line were promoted uniquely and convinced thousands of GLOW visitors as well as social media followers. A small booth with a huge impact!

Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
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