BMW Vision iNEXT World Flight


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With the VISION iNEXT, BMW is outlining its vision of future mobility. Thus BMW asked for a visionary event setting for the visionary approach. The key objective of the BMW iNEXT launch was to create as much positive publicity as possible in the shortest amount of time. To reach this objective a differentiating and visually attractive concept was desired: The BMW iNEXT World Flight is the visionary event setting for BMW’s visionary approach. Nothing less than the interior of a Lufthansa Boeing 777F cargo plane became the stage for BMW’s embodiment of the car of the future. The cargo plane was converted into a high tech, future driven stage. 400 international media representatives on three continents and four cities experienced BMW future vision of mobility within five days, resulting high media coverage and the introduction of the BMW VISION iNEXT to the world’s public nearly at the same time.

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