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04 | Verleihung am 10.02.2022

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Sjoerd Weikamp

Editor in chief at

14:45 – 16:15 Uhr
#EventTrends2019: eventmarketing in the driverseat

Format: Trendwatching
Track: Staging

Dutch eventmediaplatform publishes their #EventTrends on a yearly base. Where are our challenges and our opportunities?
‘Say bye to the Stage’, ‘Influencereventmarketing’ and ‘Without LIVE advertising is DEAD’ are 3 of the 20 trends for 2019. Chief-editor Sjoerd Weikamp takes you into the direct future of our industry.

After studying Journalism and Communication Science I roled into a chief editorship at Reed Business‘ eventmarketingmagazine. After a couple of years we started our own mediaplatform in the heart of the Dutch industry of eventmarketing and live communication. And as we practice what we preach: our multimedia platform has 15 own event per year. These events vary from networkevents, congresses, a beachparty for eventprofs to the Gouden Giraffe Event Awards, the awardshow for the Dutch eventindustry that won an award for the best awardshow in the world. Next to that I am a speaker about trends and developments in the eventmarketing and live comm. industry.


Am 10. Februar 2022 werden die BrandEx Awards verliehen.

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