07 | BrandEx 2025
15.-16. JANUAR 2025

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Robin Hofmann

Mitgründer und Kreativ Director, HearDis!

14:15 – 14:45 Uhr
Strong brands are emotional brands!
Robin Hofmann | HearDis!, Sebastián Mealla | ProtoPixel

Format: Impulsvortrag
Track: Multi-Sensory Experiences

Emotions are created by memorable experiences. Impactful experiences are multisensory, where all senses unite to deliver tailor-made and dynamic brand experiences beyond the status quo!

As Creative Director, Robin powers HearDis! forefront Audio Branding. He is a relentless visionary and a natural Out-Of-The-Box thinker committed to deliver singular solutions. Robin is a music enthusiast at heart with an extensive know-how of the music industry topped by an appreciation of communication design applied to marketing strategies of global brands. In 2004, he co-founded HearDis! together with Felix Haaksman and secured enduring relationships with high end clients, such as Hugo Boss, Mercedes-Benz, VITRA, Porsche Design and many more.

A multifaceted expert, Robin is a versatile leader able to promptly foresee and adapt to industry trends: Robin framed the genesis of EU-funded R&D project ABC_DJ and currently devises novel business ideas that implement the project’s groundbreaking tools in order to elevate Audio Branding standards. Today recognised as an In-Store Music / Future of Retail / Brand Experience / AI & Creativity expert, Robin is regularly invited to speak at international b2b events and conferences and to host private lectures for brands or seminars for educational institutions.