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04 | Verleihung am 10.02.2022

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Robin Hofmann

Mitgründer und Kreativ Director, HearDis!

14:15 – 14:45 Uhr
Strong brands are emotional brands!
Robin Hofmann | HearDis!, Sebastián Mealla | ProtoPixel

Format: Impulsvortrag
Track: Multi-Sensory Experiences

Emotions are created by memorable experiences. Impactful experiences are multisensory, where all senses unite to deliver tailor-made and dynamic brand experiences beyond the status quo!

As Creative Director, Robin powers HearDis! forefront Audio Branding. He is a relentless visionary and a natural Out-Of-The-Box thinker committed to deliver singular solutions. Robin is a music enthusiast at heart with an extensive know-how of the music industry topped by an appreciation of communication design applied to marketing strategies of global brands. In 2004, he co-founded HearDis! together with Felix Haaksman and secured enduring relationships with high end clients, such as Hugo Boss, Mercedes-Benz, VITRA, Porsche Design and many more.

A multifaceted expert, Robin is a versatile leader able to promptly foresee and adapt to industry trends: Robin framed the genesis of EU-funded R&D project ABC_DJ and currently devises novel business ideas that implement the project’s groundbreaking tools in order to elevate Audio Branding standards. Today recognised as an In-Store Music / Future of Retail / Brand Experience / AI & Creativity expert, Robin is regularly invited to speak at international b2b events and conferences and to host private lectures for brands or seminars for educational institutions.


Am 10. Februar 2022 werden die BrandEx Awards verliehen.

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