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The Digital ID.5 Experience - the first sales training event that came to the dealers. How to make a pan-european event with over 8,000 participants particularly sustainable? For the market launch of the ID.5 we did so by rigorously continuing Volkswagen's WAY TO ZERO and creating one of our most sustainable, fully digital dealer training events to date. Based on our very own, highly immersive and unique experience platform that was specifically designed for the needs and requirements of the Volkswagen Group and a digital sales training. With a program that gave participants full insight into all vehicle features, technological highlights, marketing and sales materials and that trained them perfectly for future sales talks with end customers - while retaining the typical character and emotional setting of a physical event. With the perfect mix of e-learning and entertainment, exploration and information and competitive gamification mechanisms that awarded dealers for their learning progress. Live shows, on-demand-streams, podcasts, interactive 3D animations, Q&As, quizzes, downloads, presentations etc. - all explorable individually at their own pace. Adapted into 26 different language versions for 34 markets. With a completion rate of 97.7% the event was a huge success and qualified more than 8,000 participants as ID.5 sales representatives. It reached 239,646 unique views, a total 8,261 set bookmarks and more than 9,000 applause button hits. And an average participant satisfaction of 4.42 - a top score! The Digital ID.5 Experience has set new standards for digital events - technological, sustainable, emotional. 100% efficiency & 0% emissions.

Volkswagen AG
fischerAppelt, live marketing GmbH
Fork Unstable Media GmbH (eine Agentur der fischerAppelt AG)
Explizit Werbeagentur GmbH
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