The Adventure Hub


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Concept Summary

The new showroom for the brand RC Mannheim (The Adventure Club) it is a unified expression of the brand’s wish to provide mobility to its customers that brings them to new adventures. Increased customer demands, in-store inspiration and personalized services were the starting points for the implementation of a new showroom concept. Having a customer-centric approach we crafted a unique journey narrative in space that encourages more “let’s talk about adventures and traveling” instead of products. The Adventure Club is displaying a warm and friendly atmosphere instead of a classical car and sales showroom. A feel-good design combined with the work of two landscape photographers (Joris Kuijper & Alexander Wieck) is intended to create an emotional atmosphere for the brand’s customers. Refurbishing the interior of an existing building, we created an open space with end-to-end views that focuses on creating a visual relationship with the visitors by mixing showroom functions with carefully positioned landscape photography. This mixture gives the brand space a new twist, transforming it into a gallery where new artists can be displayed in the future.

RC Reisemobil-Center GmbH
rpc - The Retail Performance Company
rpc - The Retail Performance Company
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