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In times like this, one may wonder where all the electricity comes from: In Germany and in the Netherlands, it is most likely brought to you by TenneT. With over 24.500 kilometres of high-voltage lines and cables, they are one of four network operators in Germany. In April 2020 Tennet started the construction of a new building in Ahlten near Lehrte, Hanover. After 2.5 years of construction and despite all the additional challenges due to the coronavirus, it was time to inaugurate the new TenneT Campus and to (re)connect. That’s why TenneT opened the doors and invited employees and their families to explore the new place of working and learning. Now it was time to accept the challenge and not only to meet the expectations but also to exceed them. After a few moments thinking about all the options how to create a special event that will be remembered by everyone, the mission was so obvious: TenneT is known for big power grids and networks, which can be translated to (spider) webs and nets. They are strong, stable and flexible, exactly like TenneT. Because of that, every detail reaching from the invitation to the activities of the great opening day refers to energy and net. Beside exploring the new building, whose architecture involves interpretrations of „the net“ in almost every detail, the employees and visitors had the chance to experience multiple activities, emphasizing TenneT’s mission and vision. The center of attention was – literally and locally – a big rope that becomes a net when small strings are tied to it by the guests. It visualizes the strength and the community of TenneT and was gifted to a playground in Ahlten after it was checked thoroughly.

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