SAP’s 50th Anniversary Headquarters Celebration


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Can a campus with 14 office buildings be transformed into an open festival area for 40.000 people? Well, if it were easy, someone else would be doing it. SAP’s spirit: We will do it! And is there any better opportunity for this spirit than the 50th anniversary of a company, which started as a five-man show back in 1972 and has grown into a global powerhouse of more than 100.000 employees supporting more than 460.000 customers across 140 countries? Probably not. The company’s mission of “helping to improve people’s lives” is not possible without its employees. The anniversary, coming on the tails of many canceled events during the pandemic, has brought up the vision of creating the biggest and greatest employee party in the history of the company: The SAP’s 50th Anniversary Headquarters Celebration. 2 days, 3 stages, 5 decades – the employees are taken onto a fantastic time travel through the last 50 years and are invited to enjoy a wonderful weekend. About 20.000 employees get the chance to see their workplace transformed into a real festival site. Where lunch is served in everyday business, an impressive Gaming Zone welcomes young and old. The beach volleyball courts are turned into a whole beach and fun area featuring the typical 1990’s and 2000’s styles. The company comes together - as one SAP family. The SAP 50th Anniversary Headquarters Celebration is embedded into a series of global events celebrating SAP’s anniversary. 18 locations around the world have in-person celebrations in various sizes, SAP headquarters celebration being the largest one, hosting over 40.000 people on the campus over 2 days. Employees, their families, and friends are invited from the region.

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