RECARO AS at AIX2022 – Driving Comfort in the Sky


Architecture, Best Stand M (101 bis 500 m²)


Entry, Nominee, Winner



Concept Summary

The 2022 AIX as the first post-pandemic show, was an important milestone for the aviation industry. The question was, how will ‘back-to-business’ succeed? RECARO Aircraft Seating focussed on the brand values/core product benefits: lightweight design, comfort, innovation. All experiences should be customer centered. The design is inspired by aviation as an invitation for a special experience. With interpretations of hangar structures, the geometric feature creates an inviting opening in the black, perforated shell. This design is also inspired by the angles of aircraft seats and serves as the entry. Its perforated shell complements the quality and safety appearance and makes the design ingenious, because it combines the demands for a new transparent look and, at the same time, creates curiosity for what’s happening on the booth. Although inviting and interpreting the open mindedness of the brand, the glances are guided and where necessary were limited. The interior is structured by frames, which also serve as a static construction for the upper floor of the two-story booth. Inserted cubes create individual product spaces and additional communication rooms. The requested division between the areas indicates the different classes in aircraft. The arrangement of the seating solutions by narrow-body and wide-body aircraft types was showcased inspired by the typicical aisles. Concerning sustainability, the design and crucial elements of the booth will be used for the next five years and possibly also at smaller trade shows. The balance between attraction and transparency from the outside with exclusivity on the inside, makes the trade fair appearance a unique experience.

RECARO Aircraft Seating GmbH & Co. KG
Studio Bachmannkern GmbH
Tischlerei Thomas Görg GmbH & Co. KG
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