READY4YOU – Virtual event concept with an innovative product launch live in 3D studio


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Concept Summary

READY4YOU Virtual event concept with innovative product launch live in 3D studio Because analog training courses, conferences and product launches were only implementable to a limited extent and difficult to plan due to the continuing Corona restrictions, new concepts for knowledge transfer were needed. Therefore, in mid-September 2021, an attention-grabbing overall concept was conceived and successfully implemented by means of a virtual production for two pharmaceutical product launches of the Sanofi Pasteur Vaccines business unit. A drop hanging from a syringe served as the key visual of the event and established the reference to the products. The virtual stage including the company logo - through digital processing seemingly inside a "vaccine drop" - created an emotionally charged setting. Five further studio set-ups enabled the participants to experience each indication in their own "product world". The key visual formed the connecting constant. All communication content was staged in an entertaining and interactive way. The reference to the launch products, for example, was established via high-quality and emotional 3D animations, thus creating an inspiring experience. For Sanofi it was important to prepare the 220 office and field employees of the business unit "Sanofi Pasteur Vaccines" in the best possible way for the product launches and to provide the staff with effective materials and tools to get doctors and pharmacies excited about the new products. With the help of interactive infotainment formats and the setting as well as numerous interaction tools and surprising gimmicks, the participants experienced an informative and varied event.

Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH
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