Pavilion Monaco – EXPO 2020 Dubai


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Monaco is involved in important research projects worldwide that deal with environmental protection – from research into climate change in the Antarctic to the protection of biodiversity in Pacific coral reefs. The task for Monaco's presence at the World Expo 2020 is to communicate this rather unknown commitment without losing the flair of exclusivity and elegance that unites the city-states of Monaco and Dubai.   The elegance of Monaco, as well as the unexpected diversity, find expression in the faceted building cubature. It recalls the image of a diamond: its strength, its fascination, its radiance – and its many facets. The entire building is completely covered in photovoltaic panels. The result is an architecturally outstanding building, which at the same time enables energy-neutral operation of the pavilion over the entire duration of the world exhibition. The architecture and interior are designed holistically. The multi-faceted, polygonal design language of the building cubature is reflected in the exhibition architecture and graphic design, and is playfully interpreted in a wide variety of ways. This creates a variety of poetic spatial images and presentations that countless visitors capture in pictures and films: from the kaleidoscope at the entrance to the polygonal Main Show, guests get to know many surprising facets of Monaco in immersive, entertaining presentations.

Pavilion Monaco
facts and fiction GmbH
AODA – Agence Olivier Deverini Architecture
Andreas Keller Photography
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