Michelin at IAA Mobility 2021


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The French tire manufacturer Michelin is innovative and takes sustainability seriously: Using a new recycling process, it has succeeded in producing new tires from old yogurt pots and PET bottles. Not as a PR stunt, but as a genuine, revolutionary business. The tires will be launched in 2024, and by 2050 all tires are to be made from 100% sustainable raw materials. This will be communicated to the public during the IAA mobility in Munich. The IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich gives the perfect stage for us. Instead of placing products we want to convey a message: Michelin is committed 100% to sustainability. But as all companies tell this, we decide to act. The message: Sustainability starts with today’s action and people of Munich and Michelin are part of it. At a plastic waste collection campaign in downtown Munich, top management, sales staff, production teams and even the Michelin man collect plastic waste. Through this we connect all communication channels: Workers from Michelin plants become ambassadors for the sustainable future of our tyre business. They bring the message to Munich, but later on also take the spirit to their working places. And Influencers help us fuel our story through the social networks: With millions of followers in the back. The campaign reached 218 million impressions and achieved global impact. Still the highlights remain small ones: People cheering the cleaning teams or one worker who said: “I really felt I am part of the future of Michelin.”

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