Living Totem IAA – Kia Brand Vision


Architecture, Best Stand M (101 bis 500 m²)


Entry, Nominee, Winner



Concept Summary

Briefing: The brand Kia underwent a radical transformation early 2021 with a fundamental brand promise: Movement that inspires. The brand dedicates itself now to inspire people to ideas through movement. This applies in particular to a trade fair stand where the industry & the public encounter the boldly modernized brand: at the IAA Mobility in Munich, one of the largest automotive events in the world. But how do you draw attention to an intangible feeling at such a mass event? Idea A trade fair stand is not mobile, but stationary. So the reversal of the claim made sense to us: "inspire to move". The movement required to cause an inspiration had to come from the visitors. Our architectural concept needed a pull effect that involves people from afar and triggers a reflex for something moving when you come closer - without any instructions. This immersive entry-level experience into the Kia world was named the KIA Living Totem. Solution: In just 10 weeks we developed a prototype which should create an intuitive encounter from earth, water & air elements true to the KIA brand manifesto. Would this trade fair innovation stand up to 5 days of open space continuous use? Would the installation react individually to any influx of visitors? Would it stand the ultimate test of actually inspiring people? The result surprised KIA Headquarters and rewarded us: by continuing this first-time brand experience innovation in 2022.

Kia Deutschland
Jazzunique GmbH
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