LEAD THE BEAT – Digital Allianz Summit 2021


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LEAD THE BEAT – IT IS IN THE MIX Two companies collaborating. Many characters interacting. A diverse and individual customer journey. A mix of topics. All of this we transfer into the implementation of our customers' sales force conference. "LEAD THE BEAT" is the motto that carries us through the conference, that drives and inspires us. We are the ones setting the pace, always one step ahead, and we will continue to provide the best individual solutions for medical practitioners in the future. How do we succeed? By using the right mix of topics and channels, and by working together with colleagues from Sales, Marketing and Product. Over three days, we streamed from our studio, ziegelei101, to the various speakers and the 600 participants in their homes. From collaboration in the alliance, to customer journey, to digital leadership: Each day of the conference, the agenda focuses on a different topic. In accordance, the conference motto and setting also differ on the individual days. The core theme of the conference, the digitalization of our working world, is also addressed in specially produced clips. Dancers repeatedly encounter various objects that they introduce and use. In this way, employees are encouraged to familiarize themselves more closely with the new things of our time surrounding them on a daily basis. Example: the QR code, its story and its benefits. In that way, we manage to leave the format of the familiar and establish our own impulses as the status quo for follow-up events.

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