Kazakhstan Pavilion Expo 2020 – Gateway to tomorrow


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Aesthetic, radiant and with large, curved openings, the Kazakh pavilion welcomes its guests. At the EXPO, Kazakhstan presents itself rich in tradition, yet modern & future-oriented. This contrast is put into an exciting relationship. The design is inspired by traditional architecture, but represents a mixture of modern solutions at the same time – specifically, a combination of the future and Kazakhstan’s cultural heritage. The 3-level pavilion consists of a free-standing square shell with an archway providing a glimpse into the building core – the ‘Treasure Box’. The shape of the pavilion resembles Kazakhstan's traditional ‘kalpak’ hat. Its external façade was inspired by the latticework of Kazakh yurts with their round crowns, perforated with algorithmically arranged holes to provide both ventilation and fascinating light effects. The pavilion is built in the lightweight construction tradition and the use of composite building materials and reinforced concrete has been reduced to the minimum. During the implementation phase the architects focused on the optimum material and making effective use of its properties. For example, large sections of the pavilion structure and facade are made of steel that can be reused and is almost 100% recyclable.The design is also sustainability focused, with the perforated façade providing natural shade in a hot climate, as well as ensuring optimum ventilation of the inside area.

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