Hyundai at CES 2022 “Expanding Human Reach”


Architecture, Best Stand L (über 500 m²)


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Concept Summary

Expanding Human Reach Hyundai’s mission is to expand human reach and to radically challenge the prevalent ideas of mobility. Since well before the acquisition of Boston Dynamics, they had integrated robotics into the company portfolio—and into their vision of mobility. At CES 2022 the company wanted to introduce their idea of robotized mobility, where humans smoothly interact with self-propelled machines. They wanted to present existing products and prototypes to take away people’s fears of new technologies. Rethinking Architecture True to Hyundai’s philosophy, we radically rethought what an exhibition appearance should be like today. The minimalistic booth was fully mirrored on the outside, rendering it nearly invisible—it´ s about content, not about outer appearance. Gaps between the huge brackets offered views of the inside: An open arena with no separated areas for product presentation, consultation, and shows.The inside of the brackets were huge LED walls displaying avatars and Hyundai’s messages. An immersive metaverse walkthrough was placed behind the main LED wall. Overcoming Fears Humans mingling with robots, reality merging with virtuality: The immersive experience let CES visitors overcome inhibitions towards new technologies by involving them deeply into the action. During shows robots moved right through the crowds, making direct contact with the visitors. In the metaverse area visitors could create their own avatars and interact with them on digital walls. The visitors were part of the action and could truly experience what Hyundai means by "Expanding human reach".

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