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Fujitsu CX Lab is a virtual meeting place to host sales and consulting events in Fujitsu’s own metaverse. It simplifies the entry into digital transformation for clients and partners thanks to co-creation. Unique virtual experiences in a cybernetic city convey industry-specific solutions and their benefits. Not only for home office times, but also in regular operation, the platform enables an easy explorative entry into innovative topics such as Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Transformation to SAP S/4 HANA, Data Driven Solutions or Future Workplace. The basis of the CX Lab is the mock-up of a generic city with virtual buildings, streets, and networks. For the event character, invitations and snacks are even sent out in advance. Fujitsu experts take visitors into dialogical co-creation sessions to understand their needs and requirements. In the next step they dive into more in-depth stories and focal points to derive tailor-made solutions from Fujitsu’s portfolio. Small twinkle-in-the-eye effects create a relaxed atmosphere. Through this inspiring environment, Fujitsu promotes the creativity of its employees as well as networking and makes the first steps into digital transformation easier than ever for clients and partners. CX Lab completes Fujitsu's global co-creation program. It has become a great success with more than 1,100 digital events held so far. Further journeys and language adaptations are on the agenda in order to roll out the CX Lab worldwide. And finally, this tool – originally developed to overcome the lack of personal meetings in COVID-times – finds its way back into the real world: as a presentation tool used for conferences or in a pub tour.

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SCHACHZUG - Agentur für Markenkommunikation GmbH
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