Destiny’s Ride


Best Brand Activation, Event



Concept Summary

Task Activation of the DKMS stem cell core target group (<30) through live comm. Inform: blood cancer can be defeated with stem cell donations. Motivate: register yourself as a donor at DKMS! Idea The somewhat different roller coaster (of emotions). Supposed entertainment setting becomes stage for serious topic. Emotional patient fates arouse empathy and motivate potential life savers to register as stem cell donors. Implementation High attention thanks to spatial- & content-related surprise moments - a roller coaster experience, completely different than expected. Instead of action - lot of emotions. Concentrated audio experience with moving stories. High level of identification via patient choice matching the target group’s lifestyle: gamer, athlete, musician. Telling their personal blood cancer story - a roller coaster of emotions with ups and downs. Diagnosis. Therapy. Happy end: stem cell transplant! An innovative content form for ‘Generation Audio’ - 3D Audio. The immersive, authentic sound experience suggests spatial depth and thus replaces an elaborate, analog space staging - a container with roller coaster seats and a ticket booth to select a roller coaster ticket/patient story is sufficient. The participant focus is entirely on the audio content - also thanks to a very intense sound journey achieved by on-location recordings. Destiny's Ride was implemented at a surf festival, gamer convention and music radio roadshow - matching target audience & patient testimonials, who supported the activation on-site. 1,000 potential new life-savers were registered as stem cell donors during the three campaigns. Expectations far exceeded - to be continued!

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