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Concept Summary

The self-determined life At Swiss Life, self-determination is all about helping people lead a self-determined life and advising them according to their needs. If your organization stands for a self-determined life, you have to practice what you preach. As such, we didn’t just invite staff to the Party – we actively involved them all in defining the direction of the event in the spirit of self-determination. We created room for maneuver for their specific tastes and needs and reflected the diversity of 2,500 employees. We encouraged employees to interact and surveyed their requirements in the five «choice!» categories: «your feel», «your look», «your taste», «your entertainment», «your sound». Then we started with the concept development. «Your feel» determined the individual communications phases and on site. Guests chose between one of four different themed entrances to the venue. The styling for the Party was shaped by «your look». The cloakrooms and the main room with its outsize solar system were space-themed, glamor was created with the vast disco, and the toilet became a playground. People voted for everything from street food to gourmet cuisine in the «your taste» category. This resulted in food trucks, stands and a Gourmet Wall: a mirrored wall especially designed for Swiss Life featuring glory holes for food porn. «Your entertainment» had to be crazy. «Hug me» aliens, karaoke in the toilets, and a rocker bar with real member of the Hells Angels on the door. And finally «your sound» created the real feeling of togetherness. Swiss Life staff wanted to dance and sing along – so the Swiss band «Hecht» was booked for the main stage.

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