Accelerate Digital Now Magazin 2022 (ADN22 Magazin)


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Concept Summary

Under the guiding theme ACCELERATE DIGITAL NOW, PHOCUS BRAND CONTACT conceived a hybrid series of events that used various industry events such as the Hamburg IT Strategy Days as an analog meeting platform and content incubator. This series of events was complemented by a digital magazine that cleverly wove the diverse information offerings on site and from the corporate universe into a professional TV format. The result was the ADN22 magazine – an entertaining mix of reports, expert talks, background reports, vox pops, and live commentary that set an example both nationally and internationally. An extremely courageous format, which was a novelty for the T-Systems customer. In 90 minutes, the magazine offered everything you need to know about the IT market and T-Systems. In exciting reports, viewers learned how Beethoven can bring AI to your company, how data are finally becoming sovereign under European law, what hackers think about your company, what ground-breaking insights the Hamburg IT Strategy Days 2022 delivered, and why “smells like green spirit” will be the new paradigm for IT managers. In an hour and a half of concentrated infotainment, the magazine showed what developments are coming in the IT world, which of them are relevant for B2B customers, and how they can use them to their greatest advantage. Viewers praised the fast-paced, varied magazine for its high information value and compared it to popular TV magazines such as Galileo or Lechs Kosmos. The success of the compact TV format is complemented by the low bounce rate of less than 2% and the organic reach of the associated SoMe campaign.

T-Systems International GmbH
Media Produktion: Grosse 8 GmbH & Co.KG
Sound Produktion: Electricpulse
Set Bau: Balloni GmbH
Technik: AV22 filmagenturplus
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