125th anniversary LVM Insurance


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The Münster-based LVM Insurance Company commemorates its 125th anniversary and plans to gather 3,500 employees and pensioners together to enjoy a memorable and entertaining evening and have a big party. In this respect LVM aims to mingle employees young and old in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere to encourage mutual exchange, interest and understanding. To create an awareness of the company’s history and point out the time periods it spans, the concept’s intent is to build “time zones” and invite the guests to travel through time and to emotionally immerse themselves in the past 125 years. Here the focus is set on the company’s founding year 1896 and the following years leading to the Golden Twenties. Another important era in the LVM history is the 1950s through the 1970s, as well as the 1980s and 1990s. Countless details have been taken care of to meet the highest demands for historic authenticity. The time zones are elaborately decorated and provided with just the right atmosphere for the respective era. Each zone features various buffet stations, bars, entertainment modules and seating options. The guests shall be given an opportunity to experience an individual journey with all their senses involved – tastes, smells, sounds and images. Aside from the time-zone part, the event is framed by official program sections on the main stage of the big hall including welcome speeches and talks with the board of directors, hosted by a widely known radio and TV presenter. The big hall will also be the location for a top act concert that will conclude the event and lead over to an open-end after show party with two renowned DJs.

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