ZEISS Virtual Dental Showroom


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The ZEISS Virtual Dental Showroom is a powerful interactive digital environment in which to present workflows, establish new leads, and connect with audiences who were previously out of reach. The Showroom emerged out of the international pandemic that began in 2020 and is an entirely digital event platform that optimizes the most dynamic aspects of the physical trade show for the user – directly in the web browser. It combines live show and direct communication elements with a unique, highly realistic virtual product portfolio. Complex functionalities are made tangible to users through intuitive interactions in virtual 3D space, where users can watch on-demand videos or presentations and speak directly to experts. Interactive Features Detailed models with free movement in the space • Users can interact with highly detailed posable device models which simulate the product’s textures. The device can be rotated and viewed from different vantage points. Posable devices • We used posable devices to implement physics and dynamic commands that facilitate flexible, realistic movements and enable intuitive hands-on interactions between the user, the device, and the surrounding environment. Additional Features • Integrated iFrames and apps • Video integration • Virtual meeting • Tutorial Technical Insights • Real-time use models – prepared for real-time use in the web browser • Technology for 3D interaction – three.js framework • Meetings and chat functions – Calendly and Drift

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Abigail Toll
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