Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge #buzzlife


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Concept Summary

Discover new worlds and enjoy the freedom. Be brave and dare to take one more step. Your freedom, your lifestyle, your gamescom. Every journey starts somewhere. Ours began here: On a stage in a streaming studio. 100% digital, 100% live. Under the campaign claim #buzzlife, 10 gamers took over the stage and broadcast over 14 hours of unscripted live content on their Twitch channels in 6 formats over 2 days. Hosted by the two well-known gamers Solaaa and LPGjustJohnny. Embedded in the digital gamescom. Gamescom 2021 became the highlight of the ID. Buzz teaser phase. A concept that completely dissolved the boundaries between pre- and post-communication and made it possible for the new communication target group to experience an immersive journey in a holistic way. Within gamescom, #Buzzlife becomes an interactive and networked platform for creators and their followers. From the target group, for the target group. With tailored content and a focus on gaming. Unique on- and offline matches in #Beatthebuzz, the best gamingfails in #Buzztakeover and inspiring talks in #Socialbuzz intensified by trend-setting talks about topics like future, technology and individuality. Very important in all of this: fun. Always there. Sometimes loud. Sometimes quieter. But always at the center. With direct feedback from the community. Unadorned, uncut and above all: authentic. The courage to dare something new pays off. The creators reward this freedom with authentic, diverse and lively content. This is also shared by their followers in a lively and positive way: In total, #buzzlife reaches 85,000 live viewers and a total reach of more than 1.5 million.

Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge
The Y GmbH
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