Vodafone Giga XMAS Kitchen Party


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Digital. Interactive. Heart-warming – Welcome to the GIGA XMAS Kitchen Party! We orchestrated the biggest and, at the same time, the smallest Christmas party Vodafone has ever had: the ‘GIGA XMAS Kitchen Party’. It focused on a shared family Christmas experience in a co-production with 7,000 Vodafone team members and their Executive Committee. Over 7,000 participants, 352,000 cookies baked, 10,206 uploaded photos, more than 18,000 comments and posts on the social media and a total donation of EUR 15,000. The digital XMAS Kitchen Party powered by the Vodafone family was a GIGA success. More than 92% of guests stayed tuned in until the end. And everyone agreed that this virtual Christmas party brought everyone closer together – thanks to technology and the unique ‘Vodafone Spirit’!

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