Vodafone eleVation DIGITAL DAYS 2021


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The COVID-19 pandemic shook the world irreversibly, including all forms of B2B communications, from cancelled trade shows to the disruptive rise of digital collaboration – leading to new questions. Now, everyone is looking for inspiration, best practices and answers in the fields of digital transformation, New Work and sustainable future. Vodafone Business Germany, the communication company’s B2B unit offering digitalization services from unified communications to internet of things solutions, challenged itself: Is it possible to host a digital event on these hot topics that offers a) the attractiveness of a traditional conference, b) the benchmark in digital user and content experience and c) the potential to attract even more prospective clients than ever before? Yes, it is. After one year of preparation, in April 2021 Vodafone Business hosted the premiere of the eleVation DIGITAL DAYS 2021 in Düsseldorf, a COVID-compliant digital 3-day conference with 195 speakers on 3 stages, with the technical complexity of high-class talk TV studios, robust streaming and a dedicated digital event platform. 48 keynotes and 59 deep dives resulted in more than 70 hours live-streamed and later video-on-demand content, that was a huge success: more than 15,000 people registered, nearly 11,000 were returning users and at the busiest time, 7,000 people simultaneously on the platform. The reason for this success were the creative concept, the pioneering spirit and the professional execution that created compelling and unique content not to be missed – with panellists from A like astronauts to V like virologists. Indeed, Vodafone reinvented communication about communication.

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