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Concept’s Executive Summary: A leader in engine-building technology and innovation, United Engine Corporation (UEC) commissioned Exposervice GmbH to design a high-efficiency exhibit that would reflect the same driving principles of technology and innovation. UEC’s objective was to demonstrate a snapshot of their significant technological achievements as well as demonstrate the company’s readiness to solve strategic problems in the long-term using the most modern technologies. Exposervice combined many innovative architectural and multimedia solutions to create a remarkable experience. Since UEC is one of the most technologically advanced companies in engine design, we were able to represent the future of that technology with a completely new approach to exhibition building, using cutting-edge design and ultra-hi-tech solutions. The central element of this exhibit is the multi-media tree built from flex LED panels that symbolize Big Data that interacts and ties together all technologies and innovations. The visitor is taken on the journey that reveals multiple facets of UEC, starting with current product lines, to critical competencies and technologies, to the company’s promising future technological developments, including a hybrid engine for aircraft and helicopters. The exposition allows the visitor to interact with the displays in any of the areas. The exhibition is 1800 sq meters, with several luxury meeting rooms, stages, and support areas, and is considered a success. Exposervice is honored to have been commissioned by UEC to perform this project and is proud to have delivered a highly impressive exhibition that exceeded all expectations.

Exposervice GmbH
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