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Daiichi Sankyo Europe Hybrid Oncology Launch Event Like so often in 2021 a live product launch event was planned to enter an all new market segment – and like so often in these times it changed completely. We had to rethink and open up a new dimension. Takeko, a samurai warrior, became the protagonist of the pre-communication series in 6 episodes on an online collaboration platform. She followed the origin of a new compound that will revolutionize the cancer treatment, telling the story of the many heroes working hard on that new technology. The pre-communication brought together all employees to learn about the mission, initiate interactions, send greeting cards, meet in speed datings in wonder.me and introduced the approach for the future. In March finally almost 300 employees gathered online. The hybrid launch event combined virtual and real settings with un-real gaming technology, also included VR and started of with a binaural audioplay – to create pictures in the minds of all participants. The accompanying motto “open up new dimensions” pointed out, there is only one direction: UP. Daiichi leaders from all over the world gave insights into the strategy, deep dives on the new technology and the manufacturing process and ensured that all employees are on the right path to really make a difference. Breakout session gave the employees the chance to shape their mindsets and reflect on how they want to work in their European team. And, of course… Takeko appeared in reality to hand over her logbook to all the employees. Following the launch event it is up to them to write the story further and stay connected all over Europe on the online platform.

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