HHS – Hamburg Hemophilia Symposium


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Concept Summary

HHS - Hamburg Hemophilia Symposium A classical event with eight thematic presentations, discussions and award ceremony – tuned into an encounter and active exchange of a community. Instead of just turning digital, we decided to move into a visually exciting location – one that appeared personal, with attitude and variation and a whiff of surprise. The extraordinary details of this project were composed of the change of settings and the imagery of depth and dynamic as well as the interior setting with an abundance of specific pieces and the special dynamic lighting. Interactions and 8 thematic presentations, visual changes between presentations, theatrical moments and permanent interaction makes the digivent appear easy and entertaining – with excitement and fun. In the breaks thematic spaces offered room for an interactive exchange as well as networking in spaces like “fresh air” and “fireplace”. Our central platform guided the guests – through the event and interactions. Three moderators are the faces of the symposium, guide the guests through the event and address their “auditorium”, interact with the guests directly, comment on the digital applause, as well as results of polls, and collect content. In order to gain an overview co-creatively, over the current needs of the community and therefore together go into a future of discourse. It is a new format – that is fun – with co-created content.

Takeda Pharmaceutical
onliveline GmbH - Büro für Konzeption & Inszenierung
Jan-Chistoph Hermann // Raum- und Lichtdesign
van de space // Mediendesign
onliveline & Hanns Noelle // Interaktions-Plattform
Matz Flores // Sounddesign
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