Harley-Davidson Sportster S – EMEA Launch Event 2021


Best Brand Activation, Event


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Concept Summary

HARLEY-DAVIDSON | SPORTSTER S | EMEA LAUNCH EVENT From July 25 to August 6, Harley Davidson hosted the launch event for the introduction of the all-new Sportster S. While the press were invited during the first week, the second week was dedicated to dealers. In 12 waves of 24 hours each, guests immersed themselves in the world of the H-D brand and experienced all facets of what the new Sportster generation has to offer. The brand experience included a briefing with a live broadcast to Milwaukee, a BBQ dinner and a riding experience the next day. From Evolution to Revolution. With this claim, H-D communicated the fully transformed Sportster S. Through the new positioning as a lifestyle product with urban DNA, it was necessary to create an experience that combines transformation & urbanity, but at the same time also enables an optimal driving experience. Furthermore, it was relevant to the concept that the guests do not leave the H-D brand space at any time during the 24 hours. These challenges were overcome by the idea of a pop-up hotel. After extensive research, the city of Essen was chosen. The Hotel Friends, located in the UNESCO World Heritage Zeche Zollverein, embraced the transformation idea, met the infrastructural requirements and offered best conditions due to its black/orange design. For the event, the building was branded entirely in line with the brand through set construction and media. The forecourt was transformed into a lively driving hub through branded container garages. The hotel's interior, such as the reception, bar-area and guests' rooms, were selectively upgraded with branding, messaging, individualized props and a dedicated exhibition.

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