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Concept Summary

Unzeen – let´s go gaming Development of a studio concept for a new VR-Gaming experience, expandable over more than a dozen locations in Germany. What makes it special is not only the premium equipment, but being attractive for anybody as a joyful leisure activity – that´s the aim. And that is unzeen. The name needs no explanation, you are invited to unseen worlds and to be part of magnificent scenes. It’s not only for teens but for family and friends, a fantastic new place to meet and share unique experiences. Leaving the iconic but generic Star Wars world behind, a playful design offers fun and comfort, busting expectations of musty nerds. We get players out of the basement and into the living room. Unzeen is a gym, a studio for gaming, experiences and scores, a place as a home to a community and a reason to come back. After entering the gate, the environment is cosy though playful. High tech materials like metallic, semi-transparent fabrics stand in contrast to cork, as seen in the gym. The room layout is derived from the logotype and creates a dynamic feel. The logotype conveys digitality and vibrant colours through overlays and CMYK. In contrast, the spatial brand concept is characterized by physical phenomena and haptics, details taken from the gym add a playful touch and lightness that turn the stay from cool to comfort. This is conductive as to be implemented in merely atmospheric properties. Users may stream their game live in the lounge for everyone to watch. The staff and the app continue to spread the spirit of a community. More studios can recycle and adapt the theme, e.g. apply different materials. That way the concept‘s lifespan is unlimited.

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