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Hamburg catering business starts culinary rebellion: ELEMENTUM – climate friendly catering without electricity, 100% regional and seasonal. In order to make its catering services even more climate- and environmentally friendly, the catering business „Die KOCHfabrik GmbH“ developed a new catering- and event concept named „ELEMENTUM“. „Our aim was a radical approach, which will mix up the whole event business“, says business owner Patrick Diehr. With his new concept up to 95 percent of CO2 emissions shall be saved on each event. With this Diehr wants to make his contribution for the protection and maintainance of the four elements of nature: fire, water, air und earth. For this project he turned every process up side down and developed the catering and event concept ELEMENTUM: catering without electricity and with 100% regional and seasonal ingredients. Dishes are prepared solely over the fire, in a wood-burning oven or served raw. Even water for the coffee is boiled in ancient wood-charcoal-fired samovars. The culinary concept sets the focus on more vegetables and less meat. Only 20% of meat and fish shall be served, 80% of the menue contains vegetables and fruit. Furthermore, the concept includes the investment into several selected environmental projects. „Giving back to nature what we have taken, is a important issue for me“, explains Diehr. 10% of the earnings of each event are donated to projects such as restocking measures of eel, sea trout and salmon, salvaging ghost nets in the baltic sea, planting trees and reforesting woods in Schleswig-Holstein. Seven commandments form the ELEMENTUM-philosophy: www.elementum-catering.com.

Die KOCHfabrik GmbH
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