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Concept Summary

Veive Concept Store – Innovative Retail Concept The task by our client was to create an innovative retail store concept that goes beyond stationary sales and offers expertise, experience and development of very high-quality, mostly tech products. Create a world of experiences where customers will become part of a community. Suppliers book their presence in the store and specialist knowledge of the attentive staff, but the sale is handled directly by the supplier – a completely new platform idea. The name is “veive”. A combination of vive (french: lively) and to perceive (be aware of, feel, experience). It sounds like a verb, active, but smooth, relaxed – a little French, a little poetic. The communication is “be part”. Challenge the sales staff, share your expertise. It‘s all about testing, touching and experiencing the products. The design is “a living workshop”. A living room, a workshop, a coworking space – a combination of known elements, put together in an unexpected way. The room is designed 360°, connecting floor and walls through materials and shapes. An illustration merges wall and motive. The design allows for variations, like colour combinations, so that benefit and value are defined and recognizable. Accents create vibrancy and sustainability with modularity and modification. The corporate design is simple in warm grey and black, setting fluid and adaptable highlights. Subtle shapes derived from the font set accents of varying intensity.

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