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We live in one of the most divisive times in America’s history. The rhetoric across the country is one of us-vs-them, rarely crossing over into mutually agreeable grounds. This is most apparent for one of society’s most present issues: Immigration. It has been a leading discussion point, and sometimes a platform for presidential campaigns, as well as a topic of conversation for infinite internet feuds and heated dinner table arguments. What makes immigration a unique topic, is that its benefits to the country vastly outweigh its shortcomings. If we all knew life in America is better for all of its inhabitants with a more open immigration system, the whole nation would come together on at least one subject, which is a step in the right direction. We needed to approach the subject in a way no-one had experienced before, catching our audience in a comfortable context when they’re more open to new ideas, and not giving them any cues to erect their psychological defenses. We sought to attract partners to contribute to our project to extend its reach, experience and message as far as possible. Common Ground showcased immigration’s benefits on our economy, our society, our communities, the nation’s security, our culture and our every-day lives, and encouraged people to have a constructive conversation about it, there-and-then, reinforcing the message. This live, content-driven art installation empowered our audience to lead a new conversation: that immigration benefits all Americans We created vibrant free-standing doors, and played video content touching on the different aspects of the immigration topic on screens inside the

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Stand Together Foundation
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