BMW Lieferantendialog 2021


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Concept Summary

Since 2012 the BMW Group departments Einkauf und Lieferantennetzwerk, Logistik have been exchanging information with its suppliers at working level on current logistics and procurement topics. The focus: dialogue, discussions at eye level, information about future projects, improving cooperation, creating understanding. All this thrived on personal encounters and joint work in a wide variety of workshops. But how to reproduce this concept in digitally? So, we have consistently digitalised the concept. Thus, we let the event take place on a specially programmed communication platform to bundle 3 functionalities. Pre-com: registration and getting get a full overview of the event's topics to put together fully individual agendas. We have produced videos with all session owners to invites participants to their sessions. Event: broadcast, workshops, dialogue formats. Post-com: summary of all results, publication of documents, transfer of results into new projects. UX and intuitive user journey are a must. Challenging: there are different groups of participants, freight forwarders as well as component manufacturers. Our platform can distinguish between them to offer different content accordingly. Content creation took place together with the content owners. Technically, we relied on MS Teams and co-creation/voting tools for joint work. A total of 96 sessions were offered within 2 days. The digital attendance led to 100% more participants. The simple user guidance, the successful elaboration of the topics and, above all, the fact that BMW decided to hold this event, which is so important for the suppliers, despite the pandemic, were praised.

BMW Group
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