WÜSTHOF at Ambiente 2019


Architecture, Best Stand M (101 bis 500 m²)





Concept Summary

Jury statement:
WÜSTHOF uniquely demonstrated the use of their products by designing the walls of the booth as perfectly shaped, cut sections of red cabbage. This is not only very attractive at first glance, but is also very original. Visitors were also able to watch on-site demonstrations of the various knives. The Gold Award in this category therefore goes to Wüsthof.

WÜSTHOF, premium manufacturer of knives, premiered with its new brand presence at Ambiente in Frankfurt. Milla & Partner developed a concept which focuses on the cut in the sense of "Discover the Moment of Cutting". This design principle is the basis for the entire exhibition stand design. The stand is the symbol for a perfectly executed cut: Four oversized upright blocks are connected by oblique cutting edges. Spread throughout the stand, they refer to each other – a dynamic overall picture emerges. Inside the stand, a whole new view opens up for visitors: Aesthetic macro shots of a freshly cut red cabbage stage the suspenseful relationship between knife, sharpness and cut. Down to the smallest detail, these scientific photographs depict the leaves of red cabbage on the 5 m high blocks. The process of cutting is exaggerated, reflecting the high quality of WÜSTHOF's products. The motifs, as seen from any perspective, are consistently depicted and follow the form of the volumes. For the pictures, the photographed red cabbage was cut exactly according to the shapes of the volumes. The stand gives visitors the impression of stepping into the inside of a freshly cut red cabbage. The knives are presented on the cubatures by magnets without safeguards and can be taken down at any time and tested by the trade visitors.

photo credits: Philip Kistner Fotografie

Milla & Partner
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Philip Kistner Fotografie
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