Volkswagen ID. Pre-Booking Pressekonferenz


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Concept Summary

Climate change is advancing and the environment is facing unprecedented challenges. The Paris climate agreement, protest movements and society are calling for solutions, and the automotive industry is taking on the responsibility of reducing CO2 emissions. VOLKSWAGEN’s answer is the industry’s biggest electrification offensive. Not only will the entire fleet be electric by 2050, but the production and charging of the electric cars will also be completely emission-free. The system change is embodied by the new electrically driven ID.3. Our task was to design a press event for the Pre-booking of the new model, four months before the world premiere. The biggest challenge was to stage an event around the ID.3, without revealing too much. Spoiler alert: We did it anyway! At the center, an interactive playable cube formed the Highlight Cube. To take the critical voices seriously, it first became the stage for questions, concerns and prejudices against e-mobility. The keynote speech refuted the doubts against e-mobility and led to the message »NOW YOU CAN«. The grand finale was the unveiling of the ID.3 Erlkönig in the Highlight Cube. Through a transparent camouflage pattern in conjunction with a camouflage wrap on the Erlkönig, we created not only a surprising sneak preview, but also an iconic image that became the key visual for VOLKSWAGEN's democratization of e-mobility. The preview carried the message through multiple media beyond the limits of the event.

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