Unveil The Future


Architecture, Best Stand M (101 bis 500 m²)





Concept Summary

Jury statement:
And the Bronze award goes to Unveil de future!
We chose this project for its impeccable execution in the areas of architecture, design and multimedia as well as for its perfect construction. It had a very nice futuristic focus

The task for the Hyundai MOBIS Booth at CES was to develop an architectural design that represents the brand’s vision to become the leading provider of innovative vehicle components technology, showing how the car of the future interacts with its environment through intelligent headlight technologies. Idea: The trade booth design is inspired by the idea of taking “a peek under the hood” to discover the automotive parts that are usually hidden underneath the sheet metal skin. Implementation: The architecture defines the central experience area with its projection walls for the concept car including the innovative MOBIS technologies. By seamlessly connecting the architectural elements with the media screens, the boundaries between the physical and digital get blurred and the experience becomes completely immersive. Using the principle of unveiling a stage in a new way to create a bold and dynamic shape, the architectural impression is created by an upward bending of a vertical plane, metaphorically unfolding new technologies and opening the booth in a diagonal direction towards the main visitor flow. The geometry provides a clear organization, creating the space for an immersive multimedia experience that stages the new headlight technology. The L-shaped one-story building provides a lounge and technical areas on the ground level including a private exhibition and a meeting room on the upper level. The architecture aligns the media screens in space to create an immersive environment that unifies the concept car and the media content. The media content that simulates real traffic situations, is always synced with the real-time movement of the concept vehicle.

Hyundai Mobis
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