SAP Interactive Showcase “Augmented Intelligence” at the Hannover Messe 2019


Best Interactive Installation, Crossmedia



Main Concept
Concept Summary

The SAP vision of ”Intelligent Enterprise” was to be staged at the 2019 Hanover Trade Fair (HMI) through an interactive storytelling concept focussing on the ”Digital Supply Chain”. The goal was to use a target group product to make the network competencies of SAP tangible in their entirety. Five different perspectives of a double-seat valve (SAP “Product Hero”) were to be designed to tell its story along the Design-to-Operate (D2O) value chain. The SAP solutions from design, planning and production, to delivery and operation were to attract both existing and new customers. The D2O story was told through the constant interplay of the real exhibit and virtual content: Five transparent screens were arranged around the “Product Hero”, enabling the viewer to see both dimensions simultaneously. The interaction intuitively took place via eye tracking. By recording the position of the viewer’s head, the animation on the screen was always displayed from the viewer´s perspective, creating a real 3D effect. A ”digital twin” of the real exhibit allowed physical and virtual reality to merge and create an absolute WOW effect – AR without a device!

MCI Deutschland GmbH
raumHoch GmbH
SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG
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